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  • Complete index to Der Blumenbaum posted – A topic index for the entire Der Blumenbaum collection from 1983 through March 2015 is posted on the Society Documents page in the website's members-only section. Thanks go to Shirley Riemer for bringing it up to date.
  • Facebook – Our new Facebook Editor, Liz Shaw, has greatly improved the look and content of the SGGS Facebook page. If you have a Facebook account, click here to view the SGGS page.
  • Der Blumenbaum wins NGS national newsletter competition  Look below for details.

April 25, 2015

SGGS Annual Spring Workshop
Above photo of speakers is from the 2013 annual Spring Workshop event. The 2015 seminar will be another multi-track event featuring Dr. Roger Minert, Anne Leishman, Kelsee Jackson, Peggy Carpenter and Susan Sirrine.
'My Germans'
A Workshop for Ancestor-Chasers

September 23rd Program

At the September 23rd meeting, Ingeborg Carpenter discussed traditional attire (Trachten) and her three models demonstrated some examples. Models: Barbara Meyer-Kielmann, Ute Lyon, and Gerd Rustmann.
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Der Blumenbaum Wins NGS Contest

Each year the National Genealogical Society (NGS)  holds a nationwide newsletter competition. Der Blumenbaum editor Shirley Riemer submitted copies of Der Blumenbaum for this year's competition and Der Blumenbaum was selected as one of the two co-winners for 2014. Shirley traveled to the annual NGS conference in Viriginia just prior to our May 10 annual seminar to accept the award. SGGS is a member of NGS and the prize is one year of free membership.

The new Der Blumenbaum issue is Volume 32, Number 4 (April, May, June 2015). It is currently at the printer.
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to display its table of contents.
Color and other enchancements added:

Upcoming Events
May 26:
Marriage - Back in the Day
Presented by Shirley Riemer, Editor/Publications Director of Der Blumenbaum
Some tales of traditions and laws affecting "coupling" in our German ancestors' times that conflict with our contemporary "love-and-get-married" stereotype – including some cautions and complications that could get in the way of "happily-ever-after."
Jun 23:
The Story Behind the Dance: Alpentänzer Schuhplattler Dancers with Narration
Ingeborg Carpenter will describe the backgrounds of traditional social dance forms of Germany and Austria as performed by the Alpentänzer Schuhplattler Dance Troupe.
Jul 28:
My Uncle - One of the Conspirators in the July 1944 Plot Against Hitler
Presented by Elke Duffy (Translator/Researcher)
A fascinating story about the risks some members of the German military were willing to take to bring down the Hitler regime.