Best answer: How do I share a name on FamilySearch?

How do I add a name to my family tree?

Steps (mobile)

  1. In the Family Tree mobile app, display the person page that you want to enhance.
  2. If the Details section does not show, tap Details.
  3. Scroll down to the Other Information section.
  4. Tap the plus sign in a green circle.
  5. Tap Alternate name.
  6. Tap to select the language and type of alternate name.
  7. Enter the name.

How do you share temple names on FamilySearch?

Go to your temple reservation list under “Temple” on Click the box next to the ancestor’s name whose ordinances you want to share. Click the blue Share option at the top of the page. Choose Share with Family or Friends or Share with Temple.

If you would like to share Family Tree information and collaborate with others, invite them to register for a free FamilySearch Account. They can do so by going to and clicking the Free Account button in the upper right corner of the page.

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Is FamilySearch tree Private?

The FamilySearch Family Tree provides access to person records, relationships, and other data that is regulated by law. … Now, every FamilySearch user has a private space of their own. Data in a private space can be viewed and managed only by the assigned user of the private space.

What does collaborate mean on FamilySearch?

FamilySearch tools such as the updated Family Tree, the growing Research Wiki, and helpful Forums provide a pantry of opportunity for families to collaborate and create an abundant history with which to nourish and sustain future generations. …

How do I show unmarried parents on Ancestry?

Unmarried parents: Add the parents the way you’d add anyone else. Then, go to the profile page of one of the parents and click Edit > Edit Relationships > Spouse and change it to Partner, Single, Friend, Other, or Unknown.

How do I add someone to my Ancestry account?

From your DNA homepage, click Settings in the top-right corner. Scroll to the Privacy section > Sharing Preferences and click Change next to DNA Ethnicity and Matches. Click Add a person. In the field that appears, enter the email address or Ancestry username of the person you want to invite.

How do I invite someone to Ancestry tree?

Sharing your tree

  1. From any page on Ancestry, click the Trees tab and select a tree.
  2. In the top-right corner of your tree, click Share.
  3. To share your tree via email, click Email or Username; to get a link you can share, click Shareable Link.

How do I submit a name to temple work?

Requests to place a name on the temple prayer rolls can now be made by visiting any temple’s information page and clicking the prayer roll link. Requests also can be made through the “Temples” section of the Member Tools mobile app beginning Tuesday for Android and Sept. 1, for iOS.

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What do the colors mean on FamilySearch?

FamilySearch has a series of icons that can appear beside names on your tree, providing quick information and suggestions. … Green means a name is ready to submit for temple work. Orange means you still need to find more information. And blue means the temple work is in process.

How do you share a name with the temple?

Enter the name and email address of the family or friend recipient, and then click Send. Shared reservations will be marked with an envelope icon and remain on your reservation list until they are accepted by your family or friend. When accepted, the reservation will disappear from your list.

Can a husband and wife share an Ancestry account?

Other adults (even spouses or other relatives) need to activate their kits on their own Ancestry accounts. Since accounts are created by using an email address, if you and another person use the same email address, one of you will have to create a new email address and then create a separate Ancestry account.

How do I find someone’s family tree?

View and explore your family tree in three simple steps.

  1. Take a Look. Go to and sign in. …
  2. Add More. If you have less than 3 generations, go to to fill things in.
  3. Search and Link. Click on an ancestor’s name in the Family Tree, then on Person.
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