Best answer: Is Genie a Boy or girl name?

Genie – Girl’s name meaning, origin, and popularity | BabyCenter.

Is Genie a male or female name?

Genie as a girl’s name is of Greek and Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Genie is “well-born, noble, or God is gracious”.

Is Junyi a boy or girl name?

Based on popular usage, it is 1.907 times more common for Junyi to be a girl’s name.

Can a genie be a girl?

Senior Member. The US and UK proper name “Jeannie” (or “Jeanie”) is female, and is pronounced the same as “genie”.

What are some genie names?

These genie names are truly magical and can be a perfect name that you might like.

  • Aarrasu.
  • Aikhua.
  • Amubol.
  • Anorril.
  • Bhemoo.
  • Bhooko.
  • Bhubbi.
  • Bodosa.

How do I get a free genie?

In Shadowchasers Series continuity, doing this is relatively easy; you simply have to give the genie his or her lamp. Because a genie under this sort of curse is obligated to serve whoever owns it, being given the lamp makes the genie his/her own master, breaking the curse.

Where did genies come from?

Genies or jinns or djinns are supposed to be magical beings or creatures with free will. They are originally found in ancient myths and legends of the Middle East, especially Arabia.

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