Frequent question: Why was Meredith Baxter Birney absent from family ties?

Meredith Baxter Birney does not appear in some episodes in Season 3 (fall 1984) because she (while playing a pregnant mother) was herself pregnant and would deliver twins on 10/2/1984.

Why did Whitney Blake leave Hazel?

After a four season run on NBC, the network canceled the series, but it was picked up by CBS for what would be a fifth and final season. In an effort to appeal to a younger audience, DeFore and Blake were dropped after the move to CBS.

Why did they change Nancy on family?

The original Nancy, actress Elayne Heilveil , declined an offer to continue in the role after the original six part miniseries was ordered to regular series. … According to Baxter, Silverman replaced Actman because he felt the family dynamic would be enhanced with a blonde actress as Nancy.

Was Elyse Keaton really pregnant?

The action takes place at WKS-TV where the very-pregnant Elyse (played by Meredith Baxter-Birney) and her children have reluctantly agreed to appear on a fund-raising show. … Last fall, Baxter-Birney gave birth to twins (a boy and a girl). After she returned to work, she wore padded clothes for her TV pregnancy.

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