How do I upload a document to FamilySearch?

Click the Memories tab. Click either Upload Photo or Upload document, and select the file from your computer. Click Select from Gallery to add an item you have already uploaded. The drag and drop feature is not available to upload memory items on the person’s details page.

How do I add memory to FamilySearch?

Once you’re logged in to FamilySearch, select the Memories tab from the main FamilySearch menu. Then, when you reach the Memories page, click the Add Memories button. A menu at the top allows you to view memories you already have—photographs, stories, documents, audio clips—or all of them at once.

How do I upload a picture to FamilySearch?

Steps (website)

  1. In Family Tree on the FamilySearch website, display the person page.
  2. Click the silhouette or portrait photo.
  3. Click one of the options: Add Portrait. …
  4. Select or upload the photo that you want to use as a portrait. …
  5. Adjust the portrait so that it displays as you want it: …
  6. Click Save as Portrait.

How do I add a source from ancestry to FamilySearch?

To attach a source from the record collections of FamilySearch or a few of our partners, tap Search records. Tap Add a Source with a Web Page if it is on another website. Fill in the source title, the link to the web page, and the citations, as well as other information you want to provide.

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Can you upload videos to FamilySearch?

FamilySearch Doesn’t Allow Video Uploads

While FamilySearch does not allow you to upload videos to its platform, that doesn’t mean you can’t share family history videos using the platform. You first have to find videos on YouTube or upload home movies to your own channel.

How do I use FamilySearch app?

When you open the app, your family tree will appear—with as much or as little information as you’ve put into it so far. Use your fingers to move or expand the tree. To add a new person, tap on a black plus sign to reach a screen where you can enter those details.

How do you use FamilySearch memory app?

Simply tap the plus icon and then Begin Recording to record a family story, memory, piece of advice or joke. Try to keep the clips under five minutes so they will be easy to listen to (although recordings can be longer). Once again, identify who the audio clip is about to connect it to that person in the tree.

How do I upload a PDF to ancestry?

In the menu that appears, select the Media tab on the left, then click +Add media to source. On the Upload Media page, click Choose files, select the file, and enter details about the record. Click Done to upload your record to Ancestry.

How do I record on FamilySearch?

Steps (mobile app)

  1. Open the FamilySearch Family Tree app or Memories app.
  2. Tap a photo or document from your gallery. Android: In the top right corner, Tap the three dots, then tap Record a Memory. …
  3. Tap Ok to allow the app to access your microphone.
  4. Tap Start to begin recording. …
  5. Tap Done.
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Can you import from ancestry to FamilySearch?

To transfer information, create a GEDCOM file of the information you want on, and then upload that data to FamilySearch Family Tree.

Can I connect FamilySearch to ancestry?

Importing Your FamilySearch Tree.

With Ancestry you can import up to 4 generations of your FamilySearch family tree directly into Ancestry. To do this: From the navigation bar, choose Trees. Select Import Tree from FamilySearch.

How do I transfer from FamilySearch to ancestry?

Importing a tree from FamilySearch

  1. From any page on Ancestry, click the Trees tab and select Import tree from FamilySearch. …
  2. On the Import your tree from FamilySearch page, name the tree, check the box allowing others to view your tree (if you want to make it public), and click Save.
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