How do you deal with a vindictive family member?

Treat your spiteful relative with compassion which is the most effective response to meanness, according to Christine Carter. Consider that your relative may be insecure, threatened or scared. Try a meditation technique to send loving thoughts to your relative.

How do you deal with a toxic manipulative family member?

If you’re trying to stay clear of toxicity, try getting in the habit of:

  1. deciding beforehand what topics you want to avoid.
  2. brainstorming ways to change the subject.
  3. answering a provoking or prying question with another question.
  4. letting family members know you don’t want to discuss certain topics.

How do you respond to a rude family member?

Here are some ways you can try to deal with them:

  1. Show empathy and sympathy.
  2. Call the person out on his behavior.
  3. Don’t give airtime to the rude person.
  4. Avoid the rude person.
  5. Offer extra kindness.

How do you tell if your sibling hates you?

Here are 10 signs that your sibling is toxic.

  1. They’re Manipulative. hxyume/E+/Getty Images. …
  2. They’re Overly Critical. …
  3. They Blame Others. …
  4. They Never Show Remorse. …
  5. You’re Always Exhausted Around Them. …
  6. They Betray Your Confidence. …
  7. They Actively Undermine Your Relationships. …
  8. They Ignore Or Ostracize You.
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