How powerful are genies 5e?

Wishes. The genie power to grant wishes is legendary among mortals. Only the most potent genies, such as those among the nobility, can do so. A particular genie that has this power can grant one to three wishes to a creature that isn’t a genie.

Can genies have children?

They don’t mate with other genies or produce genie offspring, as all new genies are born out of the same mysterious fusion of spirit energy and elemental power. A genie with a stronger connection to its mortal soul might choose to sire a child with a mortal, although such offspring are rare.

Are genies all powerful?

There is evidence Genie is more powerful. His magic is permanent. … In Avengers: Infinity War, we were shown what Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet were capable of, and, before that, way back in the classic animated film Aladdin, we were introduced to the all-powerful Genie.

Can a genie be a patron?

Also at 1st level, your patron gifts you a magical vessel that grants you a measure of the genie’s power. The vessel is a Tiny object, and you can use it as a spellcasting focus for your warlock spells.

Genie’s Vessel
d6 Vessel
2 Urn
3 Ring with a compartment
4 Stoppered bottle

What is a genie warlock?

The Genie is a strange utility Warlock with crazy coverage of the spell lists and great options through the 4 types of Genie. Because of that, they have a mix of damage, rest protection, and grants the Warlock access to Wish. They’re very versatile, and quite safe.

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