Quick Answer: Are there male genies?

Can a genie be a male?

Senior Member. The US and UK proper name “Jeannie” (or “Jeanie”) is female, and is pronounced the same as “genie”. That’s probably why it sounds female to you. US/UK “Jean” (pronounced djeen) is also female, though french Jean (zhawn) is male.

Do genies have a gender?

“Genie” is not a proper word for either gender. The word is “Djinn”. According to the mythology, they are not good or evil, they are simply a supernatural species that co-exists with us. They equate to elves in norse mythology, or fairy folk in Celtic mythology.

Do genies have children?

A genie with a stronger connection to its mortal soul might choose to sire a child with a mortal, although such offspring are rare.

What do you call a male genie?

Since then, jinn have become a common part of local folklore, also including stories of both male jinn called jinn and female jinn called Jiniri.

Where did genies come from?

Genies or jinns or djinns are supposed to be magical beings or creatures with free will. They are originally found in ancient myths and legends of the Middle East, especially Arabia.

What is a genie?

A genie is a mythological spirit. In stories, most genies are described as magical beings that live inside lamps or bottles and grant people’s wishes. The word genie comes from the French génie, a word that was coined for the French translation of the book Arabian Nights and comes from the Arabic jinni.

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What are some genie names?

There are Djinn, Marid, Efreet, Jann, and an unnamed Earth genie.

Can genies be killed?

They also cannot kill under their own power and cannot grant the wish to kill, though they can bestow weapons or powers upon their masters that can allow them to kill. Also, while unable to kill, genies are certainly still capable of attacking others and inflicting pain.

Can genies grant immortality?

Genies can’t grant immortality.

Can you wish a genie free?

In the XXXenophile story “Wish Fulfillment”, the genie’s mistress Zola, who was in love with him, tried to wish him free so they could be equals and lovers instead of mistress and servant. The genie explained that he could only be freed if she made a wish that he wanted to fulfill but could not.

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