Quick Answer: Who is George Washington’s family tree?

Father Augustine Washington (1694-1743) Mother Mary Ball Washington (1708-1789)
Half-Brothers Butler Washington (1716-1716) Lawrence Washington (1718-1752) Augustine Washington Jr. (1720-1762) Half-Sister Jane Washington (1722-1734)
Wife Martha Washington (1731-1802) Biological Children None

Who is George Washington’s closest living relative?

One of General George Washington’s closest relatives, Bushrod was the son of General Washington’s brother, John Augustine, and his wife, Hannah Bushrod.

Who did George Washington descend from?

George Washington was born on February 22, 1732 at Popes Creek, Virginia, British America and the oldest of six children to Augustine and Mary Washington.

Through her Virginia ancestry, Queen Elizabeth II and her descendants are related to George Washington, with Augustine Warner Jr. and his wife Mildred Reade having been their common ancestors.

Was George Washington the youngest in his family?

George was the eldest of his full siblings, four of whom lived to adulthood: Elizabeth, Samuel, John Augustine, and Charles. George’s only surviving sister, Elizabeth (Betty), married the widower Fielding Lewis in 1750 and had eleven children.

Who is George Washington’s father?

How old is George Washington now?

George Washington, the American revolutionary leader and first president of the United States, dies at his estate in Mount Vernon, Virginia. He was 67 years old.

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