What do you mean by pedigree selection?

When bulls are evaluated and selected only on the basis of performance of their parents and grand parents, the process is referred to as Pedigree Selection (PS).

What is pedigree selection?

Pedigree selection is a breeding method in which the breeder keeps records of the ancestry of the cultivar. The base population, of necessity, is established by crossing selected parents, followed by handling an actively segregating population.

What is pedigree selection in animal breeding?

In selection. …and quality is known as pedigree selection. Progeny selection indicates choice of breeding stock on the basis of the performance or testing of their offspring or descendants. Family selection refers to mating of organisms from the same ancestral stock that are not directly related to each other.

What are the important uses of pedigree selection?

Pedigree selection can be made more useful by giving all information good and bad about ancestors, including the collateral relatives. Pedigree selection is particularly useful for initial selection for traits that are expressed in only one sex. Such selections can be made early and inexpensively.

What are the steps of pedigree method?

Crossing between selected parent plants is the first step in pedigree method. Seeds obtained by hybridization (F1 seeds) are planted with proper sowing distance. Seeds of about 20-30 plants are harvested in bulk and forwarded to grow F2 generation. Selection is the main process carried in this step.

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What is pureline selection?

Pure-line selection involves selecting and breeding progeny from superior organisms for a number of generations until a pure line of organisms with only the desired characteristics has been established.

What is basis of selection?

The amount of genetic improvement gained depends on four factors: (1) heritability of the trait, (2) amount of selection pressure, (3) genetic association of selected traits, and (4) generation interval. Differences between animals result from genetic and envi- ronmental causes.

What is animal selection?

Selection describes the process of choosing animals that meet the requirements of the breeding objective and will, in a breeding enterprise, pass particular traits onto their progeny. Selection should consider both subjectively measured traits (visual assessment) and objectively measured traits (genetic assessment).

What is combined selection?

Combined selection is a technique used to identify individuals with better additive genetic value in a population under selection, using information from the individual itself and its relatives. … However, this can be overcome by defining a maximum number of individuals to be selected in the same family (Morais, 1992).

What is the basis of mass selection?

In mass selection, a number of individuals chosen on the basis of appearance are mated; their progeny are further selected for the preferred characteristics, and the process is continued for as many generations as is desired.

What are the method of breeding?

System of breeding. Basically, there are two methods of breeding which are as follows: Inbreeding : Breeding of the related animals as sire (male) and dam (female) are known as inbreeding. Out breeding : Out breeding of unrelated animals as male and female is known as out breeding.

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How do you maintain a pedigree?

In keeping a pedigree record, the following should be kept in mind.

  1. Only important characteristics should be recorded. If a large number of characters are noted, the record keeping would become a great burden.
  2. Only promising progenies should be included in the record. …
  3. The pedigree record must be accurate.
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