What does a line represent in a pedigree?

Each generation is represented by a row. Horizontal lines join individuals who have had children together; vertical lines connect their children to them.

What does a horizontal line represent in a pedigree group of answer choices?

In a pedigree, a circle represents a female, and a square represents a male. … The horizontal line that connects a circle and a square represents a marriage.

What does a diagonal line in a pedigree mean?

A picture of your family’s history is called a pedigree. Here is a pedigree. Females are circles. Males are squares. A diagonal line through a circle or square means the person has died.

What does the horizontal line between the male and the female represent?

A horizontal line connecting a male and female represents a marriage. A vertical line and a bracket connect the parents to their children. A half-shaded circle or square indicates that a person is a carrier of the trait.

What does P mean on a pedigree chart?

P. Comments. Assign gender by phenotype.

What does a horizontal line represent?

In more simple terms, a horizontal line on any chart is where the y-axis values are equal. If it has been drawn to show a series of highs in the data, a data point moving above the horizontal line would indicate a rise in the y-axis value over recent values in the data sample.

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What does it mean when two genes are linked choose the one best answer?

When genes are close together on the same chromosome, they are said to be linked. That means the alleles, or gene versions, already together on one chromosome will be inherited as a unit more frequently than not.

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