You asked: What do we use pedigrees for quizlet?

What is a Pedigrees used for?

A pedigree is a genetic representation of a family tree that diagrams the inheritance of a trait or disease though several generations. The pedigree shows the relationships between family members and indicates which individuals express or silently carry the trait in question.

How do scientists use pedigrees?

Specifically, a pedigree allows you to track how a particular genetic trait has been passed down through several family generations. Scientists use pedigrees to study how certain genetic traits are inherited, and to predict how a trait may be passed on to future generations.

Are circles male or female?

The use of shapes as gender symbols may have originated from kinship diagrams in anthropology, where a circle represents a female and a triangle represents a male.

Is Square a boy or girl?

By tossing a coin to decide whether the father’s X or Y chromosome is passed onto his offspring, the gender of the offspring is determined, and square, for male, XY, and circle for female, XX, can be drawn below each of the vertical lines.

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