You asked: What is pedigree analysis done in the study of human genetics state the conclusion that can be drawn from it?

– It can conclude the pattern of inheritance. Pedigree analaysis tells us whether the trait is linked to the sex chromosomes or autosomes. – Pedigree analysis also concludes whether the trait is dominant or recessive.

Why is pedigree analysis done in the study of human genetics state the conclusion that can be drawn from it?

Pedigree analysis is done in the study of human genetics because control crosses cannot be possible in human being and age of human is more. Pedigree analysis can be used to trace the inheritance of a specific trait abnormality or disease.

Why is pedigree analysis done in the study?

– Pedigree analysis is used to study the inheritance of genes in humans from one generation to next generation. – The study of pedigree is also important in predicting genetic risks. – It is also used for predicting many genetically inherited disorders such as cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anemia, etc.

What are the advantages of pedigree analysis?

Excellent method for improvement of easily observable and high heritable characters. As pedigree record is maintained, information regarding inheritance pattern of characters can be obtained as and when required. Each plant can be traced back to its parent plant.

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What are multiple alleles give an example?

An excellent example of multiple allele inheritance is human blood type. Blood type exists as four possible phenotypes: A, B, AB, & O. There are 3 alleles for the gene that determines blood type. (Remember: You have just 2 of the 3 in your genotype — 1 from mom & 1 from dad).

What is pedigree analysis write advantages explain with one example?

1) The type of inheritance pattern in the family can be studied with respect to particular trait or the disease which is carried on to next generation. 2) The inheritance pattern from the parents to offsprings can be studied. 3) This analysis helps to find the recessive and dominant type of traits.

What is a 3 generation pedigree?

The three-generation pedigree provides a pictorial representation of diseases within a family and is the most efficient way to assess hereditary influences on disease. … A three-generation pedigree has been used for diagnostic consideration or risk assessment of rare single-gene or chromosomal disorders.

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