Frequent question: Does genies wrath work with Eldritch Blast?

Genie’s Wrath just increases the amount of damage Eldritch Blast does, much like Agonizing Blast increases the damage of E.B. Eldritch Blast is a magical spell. Ergo, its damage is considered magical. Creatures that resist non-magical damage would take full damage from a Dao Genie’s Wrath Eldritch Blast.

How does genie’s wrath work?

Genie’s Wrath: Once during each of your turns when you hit with an attack roll, you can deal extra damage to the target equal to your proficiency bonus. The type of this damage is determined by your patron: bludgeoning (dao), thunder (djinni), fire (efreeti), or cold (marid).

Does hex work with Eldritch Blast?

If there’s ever any question about whether something you’re doing counts as an attack, the rule is simple: if you’re making an attack roll, you’re making an attack. So Hex would definitely be applied to each of the the beams created by Eldritch Blast or Scorching Ray, since each individual beam has an attack roll.

What classes can use Eldritch Blast?

Eldritch Blast

  • Casting Time: 1 action.
  • Range: 120 feet.
  • Components: V S.
  • Duration: Instantaneous.
  • Classes: Warlock.
  • A beam of crackling energy streaks toward a creature within range. Make a ranged spell attack against the target. On a hit, the target takes 1d10 force damage.
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Do you add anything to Eldritch Blast?

At 5th level, when you get two dice of damage for most cantrips, with eldritch blast you get two beams which you can direct at the same or different targets. This becomes three at 11th level. If you cast hex, you will add 1d6 every time you hit your chosen target.

How good is Genie warlock?

The Genie is a strange utility Warlock with crazy coverage of the spell lists and great options through the 4 types of Genie. Because of that, they have a mix of damage, rest protection, and grants the Warlock access to Wish. They’re very versatile, and quite safe.

Does each Eldritch Blast trigger hex?

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@FilipVukelic Hex triggers each time you hit the hexed target, so eldritch blast can trigger it on each hit.

Can I cast Hex and Eldritch blast in the same turn?

You can’t use Quickened Spell and hex in the same round. You can, however, spend a round casting hex and eldritch blast, then in all following rounds that you don’t need to curse a new target cast eldritch blast three times to maximize damage potential.

Can Eldritch Blast be a bonus action?

Because of the attack action already taken, you can cast eldritch blast as a bonus action ONLY if you have a way to make eldritch blast’s casting time a bonus action. It’s normal casting time is one action.

Can Eldritch Blast crit?

Yes, every portion of eldritch blast has its own chance to crit, subject to the critical chance for that damage type and critical multiplier improvements available with certain feats and inside the cores of the Tainted Scholar tree.

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Can Eldritch Blast start a fire?

Eldritch Blast can be very easily made into the most powerful cantrip in the game by a wide margin, making Eldritch Blast optimization a significant area of endeavor. Being able to cast it as fire rather than force would unlock a number of things. Now, admittedly, these are all pretty low-intensity.

Can an Eldritch Knight Use Eldritch Blast?

Can an Eldritch Knight Use Eldritch Blast? Cantrips gained from the 5e Eldritch Knight class have to come from the Wizard list. However, if your D.M. gave you Magic Initiate, you can certainly use that to pick up Eldritch Blast.

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