Why pedigree method is used?

Pedigree refers to record of the ancestry of an individual selected plant. Pedigree breeding is a method of genetic improvement of self-pollinated species in which superior genotypes are selected from segregating generations and proper records of the ancestry of selected plants are maintained in each generation.

What are the benefits of pedigree selection?

Merits & Demerits of Pedigree Method

  • Excellent method for improvement of easily observable and high heritable characters.
  • As pedigree record is maintained, information regarding inheritance pattern of characters can be obtained as and when required.
  • Each plant can be traced back to its parent plant.

What is pedigree selection method?

In pedigree method individual plants are selected from F2 and their progenies are tested in subsequent generations. … So each progeny inevery generation can be traced back to the F2 plant from which it isoriginated. This method used for selection from segregating population of crosses in self pollinated crops.

What is pedigree method in agriculture?

Pedigree method. In this method, individual plants are selected from F2 and subsequent generations and their progenies are tested. During this process details about the plants selected in each generation is recorded in Pedigree Record.

What are the steps in pedigree method?


  1. Hybridization: The selected parents are crossed to produce a simple / complex cross(F1 seed)
  2. F1generation: F1 seeds are space planted to each produces maximum number of F2seed. …
  3. F2generation: 200-10000 plants are space planted and 100-500 plants are selected and their seeds are harvested separately.
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What is a good pedigree?

An animal is considered to have a good pedigree when all its known ancestors are of the same type. 60 percent of dogs and ten percent of cats have pedigrees. countable noun.

How do you maintain a pedigree?

In keeping a pedigree record, the following should be kept in mind.

  1. Only important characteristics should be recorded. If a large number of characters are noted, the record keeping would become a great burden.
  2. Only promising progenies should be included in the record. …
  3. The pedigree record must be accurate.

Who give pedigree method?

It is a modification of pedigree method. It was proposed by Harrington in 1937. Mass pedigree method refers to growing of segregating material by bulk (mass) method when conditions are unfavourable for selection and use of progeny testing (Pedigree method) when conditions are favourable for selection.

What is backcross method?

Backcross breeding enables breeders to transfer a desired trait such as a transgene from one variety (donor parent, DP) into the favored genetic background of another (recurrent parent, RP). If the trait of interest is produced by a dominant gene, this process involves four rounds of backcrossing within seven seasons.

What are the breeding methods?

An overview of our breeding methods

  • Cross & selection. Parental plants bearing the desired characteristics are crossed with each other. …
  • Line breeding. …
  • Hybrid breeding. …
  • Cell and tissue culture. …
  • Molecular Markers. …
  • Phenotyping. …
  • Genetic Engineering. …
  • Genetic research.

What is Tandem method?

: a method of improving livestock by breeding animals selected for excellence in one quality (as milk production) and neglecting other qualities until that chosen is considered adequately fixed in the strain when another quality may be selected and bred into the strain — compare total score method.

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