Will RootsMagic run on Big Sur?

Does RootsMagic work on a Mac?

RootsMagic 7 for Mac allows you to run the award-winning genealogy software on your Mac– no Windows required! … You can even put the RootsMagic icon on your dock for easy one-click access!

Is RootsMagic compatible with Catalina?

RootsMagic 7 Now Available for macOS 10.15 (Catalina)

We are pleased to announce that RootsMagic 7 is now available for Apple computers running macOS 10.15 Catalina. When Catalina was released last October, it required all applications to be 64-bit applications.

Has RootsMagic 8 been released?

RootsMagic 8 is expected to be released in 2019. Since you have purchased RootsMagic 7 so close to the new release, we are pleased to give you a complimentary download of RootsMagic 8, once it is available. When it is officially released, you may download the software from our website.

Is there a RootsMagic 8?

While RootsMagic 8 is not yet available for purchase, every copy of RootsMagic 7 now comes with a free registration key for RootsMagic 8. Just a heads up- there will be a modest price increase for version 8.

Is Legacy Family Tree compatible with Mac?

We don’t have a Mac/Apple version of Legacy at this time. Legacy runs on newer Macs with Windows installed under Bootcamp, Parallel or Fusion . Legacy runs on Linux machines with a Windows emulator like VMWare or Sun’s Virtual Box.

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What is the best free genealogy software?

Our picks

  • Family Tree Builder: best free genealogy software.
  • RootsMagic: most popular software amongst genealogists.
  • Legacy: best option if you want a wider range of reporting features.
  • Family Historian: best option for beginners and for those not tech-savy.
  • Family Tree Maker: good software but too expensive.

Which is better Family Tree Maker vs RootsMagic?

RootsMagic is a much better program than Family Tree Maker. When Rootsmagic can search Ancestry it will be everything I need in a desktop program.

What is the latest version of RootsMagic?


Original author(s) Bruce Buzbee
Stable release / 10 November 2019
Operating system Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS
Type Genealogy software
License Freeware and Retail

How good is RootsMagic?

The research tools are excellent, and the hints are among the best I’ve reviewed, but the chart quality is disappointing. RootsMagic earned a B on the GEDCOM accuracy test. I imported four GEDCOM records to test the program, and it was almost perfectly accurate on three of the records, losing a handful of media files.

Is RootsTech free?

For the first time ever, the conference experience will be global, entirely virtual and completely free, continuing with on-demand lectures available for free post-event on RootsTech’s YouTube page.

Does RootsMagic work on iPad?

RootsMagic lets you carry your genealogy on your Android or iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) device! It’s fast, easy, and free! This viewer is designed as a companion product to RootsMagic, the award-winning desktop genealogy software which makes researching, organizing, and sharing your family history easy.

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How do I contact RootsMagic?

Contact RootsMagic

  1. Phone (U.S. & Canada): 1-800-766-8762.
  2. Phone (International): 1-801-489-3102.
  3. Hours: Monday to Friday, 8am-5pm (MST)

How do I download RootsMagic?

To download the RootsMagic 7 files, click the link below, save the file to a folder on your hard drive, then run the downloaded file.

  1. RootsMagic Installer (28.4 MB)
  2. Place Database Installer (67.7 MB) Optional. Used by geocoding, mapping, and the gazetteer.

What is Gedcom data?

GEDCOM is an acronym for GEnealogical Data COMmunications. It is a file format developed by the Family History Department of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS).

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